Travertine paver

travertine paver

Travertine pavers are cut from natural stone and are available in various sizes, patterns and colors. Natural stone pavers look so much better than man made material creating a beautiful long lasting appeal.Travertine is a natural and sedimentary stone. Travertine is a solid form of calcium carbonate, produced in hot mineral springs. These hot springs contain lime substance, making Travertine a type of Limestone. Travertine stone quarried in Turkey’s mountainous regions. There are also said to be large quantities of travertine in Italy.

Travertine Pavers are ideal for landscape design.

Travertine Pavers are ideal for use around the pool and patios areas.It is one of the best material choices for pool paving. One of the best features is that it stays cool underfoot in hot conditions. When you walk barefoot, as usually is the case in a pool area, they will not be hot on your feet. Materials such as pavers, bluestone, and brick do get very hot.Travertine Paver will also freeze-thaw compatible. Travertine pavers have a non-slip surface finish as they have a high co-efficient of friction. This means that Travertine Pavers will provide a safe walking and play surface area for the whole family.

The natural beauty of travertine pavers

The natural beauty of travertine pavers is enhanced and extended with the use of a travertine sealer, which prevents stains from penetratinginto the stone. Sealing also brings out the travertine colors. Travertine pavers can withstand weathering and erosion without deteriorating. It is known that Travertine material improves with age and with time. So a travertine can actually look better after 20 years.Another great benefit is that Travertine pavers require little to no maintenance or cleaning. They are simply a natural hard-wearing stone. Travertine is a versatile, durable and reliable material. The Colosseum and many other buildings that are thousands of years old and made out of travertine, are still standing today are evidence of this.

Travertine paver colorstravertine pavers

Most travertine paver colors have matching bullnose coping. In addition, colors can be easily coordinated for a very nice look. Use one color, for example, for your swimming pool decking and a coordinating color for the pool coping.

Travertine paver installation

Installation methods are the same as concrete pavers, which is dry laid. There is no need to set them in concrete, except for the pool coping, which must be mortared. They come in different sizes and are completely "square". This means that unlike bluestone, all the edges are straight and there is no need for cutting to get straight joints.